As a tourist lover, the owner of Pasaporte Restaurant has the opportunity to visit many beautiful scenery and learn the culinary culture of the region around the world.

From that precious experience, he brought back many flavors of Vietnamese cuisine from every corner.

Pasaporte will be the “passport book” leading diners to the dream country of their own.

Pasaporte Restaurant is designed in a Spanish style but still in harmony with luxury.

And the courtesy of a Japanese restaurant.

Japanese-style Fusion Restaurant has just opened but has attracted many customers to enjoy.

Coming to Pasaporte, diners have been enjoying Latin-American cuisine, while experiencing the unique taste of cherry blossom country cuisine.


The menu is designed in a square notebook, introducing each dish as well as regional origin; In particular, it is encapsulated in a “passport”, very unique and impressive.

Each dish will be associated with the flag of that country.

Diners to the restaurant not only enjoy the delicious taste, appeal of each dish, but more importantly explore the culinary culture of many countries around the world.


Roasted salmon from Puerto Rico, fried chicken wrapped in wrappers from Singapore, salmon hamburger from Canada.

Besides, the restaurant also has dishes from Okinawa region of Japan.